Hydra facial with Dr.Yusra

The day after my facial - wearing makeup

So it's my third treatment with Dr.Yusra, I have had a liquid rhinoplasty, micro needling treatment for acne scarring and this week tried out the Hydra facial! I have uploaded a time lapse of the facial being done to show the different methods and tools that are used and the after glow video. I had 0 makeup on apart from mascara and the results speak for themselves. It is a six step treatment facial and takes one hour and is a medical grade treatment, not just your standard facial.

Step 1 - Cupping - This helps by detoxifying the face with cupping on the face and the neck to help clear and eliminate any toxins from the face and helps to improve circulation so you get a much better glow to the skin.

Step 2 - Deep Cleansing - This step is microdermabrasion using water to get rid of any dead skin cells on the surface of the skin without causing damage that usual microdermabrasion can do. It uses a vortex technology to suck everything out of the skin.

Step 3 - Skin Peel - It is a skin peel with between 2.5%-30% glycolic acid to help to peel off all the dead skin cells without any down time, a medical grade skin peel that helps to improve the skins texture, tone and brightness of the skin.

Step 4 - Extraction - This helps with blocked pores around the chin, the forehead and the nose it uses a suction technique without you having to use your nails to dig them out, this machine does it without causing any damage. 

Step 5 - Deep Hydration - The skin is infused with botanicals and antioxidants to help re-hydrate the skin and seal the skin. 

Step 6 - Red and Blue light therapy - Red light calms down any redness and the blue light therapy to help kill any bacteria on the surface of the skin and prevent any breakouts that you might get from traditional facials. 

I also had an eye hydration upgrade which is an extra £40 and you get to take away an eye hydration pen to use at home in the mornings and evenings.

This is recommended if you are a bride or have a big event coming up, you can have it once a week for six weeks or if you just want to maintain good skin health it is advised to be had once a month. There is currently an offer where if you buy five you get the sixth one free with two free perk upgrades of either the eye hydration or the lip plumping tratment. The value of the package is £1050 and currently on offer for £750. 

One Hydra facial treatment costs £150, you can use my discount code GG10 when booking with Dr Yusra to save ten percent.

Below is a picture and video after of my skin with zero make up on, you can see how hydrated and glowing my skin is. Putting makeup on over the next couple of days with that fresh glow made me feel so amazing in my skin and I will definitely be back for another, highly recommended!!

To make an appointment the clinic's contact number is 03332244666 and email is info@dryusra.com

When I got home from the facial, I have no makeup on and my skin is glowing


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