Composite Bonding with Kiln Lane Dental

I recently had a removable brace to straighten out my top teeth after one had moved out of place from not using my retainer from having braces as a kid. Even though my teeth were straight again I still wasn't completely happy with my smile, but I don't think I would ever be comfortable having veneers (as they have to shave your teeth down to little stumps). But I had noticed composite bonding popping up on Instagram everywhere where they just add to your original tooth to add shape and length and achieve the perfect smile that way! Plus I think it looks a lot more natural.

My New Smile!

When considering having it done I didn't want to have every single tooth altered as I only wanted to lengthen the two teeth either sides of my two main front teeth, making my smile appear more straight and filling in the gaps that I had from the side due to the shorter length of those two teeth, without any major noticeable changes. Composite bonding normally ranges from around £180 a tooth (don't hold me to it) but this is just a round figure of what places are seeming to charge at the moment. So it is a much cheaper option than veneers. 

I had mine done at Kiln Lane Dental in St Helens which is owned by Hanna Miraftab.
I had a consultation before the treatment which included a mock up on an ipad of what it was I wanted to achieve with my smile, which was then followed by actually applying the composite to my teeth so I could see first hand what they would actually look like before committing to it. This also helped with getting the shade right as I actually needed a lighter shade than the one we initially thought I would be. Happy to go ahead the mock up composite was removed and we went ahead with the lighter shade, it is applied and shaped and then set in stages. It took around an hour and is also completely irreversible if you were to change your mind, which is a comforting thought.

Bryan Duffy
 carried out my dental work at Kiln Lane Dental and I couldn't be happier with the results!!

Tel: 01744 25776
Address: 16 Kiln Ln, Saint Helens WA10 6AD

See below for before and after!


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