The So Shape challenge

The So Shape challenge

Hi Guys! I've got an exciting challenge/shake journey to share with you! I can be very lazy with my eating and regularly fall into a crap diet resulting in me feeling crap. So I decided to try the So Shape 5 day reboot challenge where I just have one of their shake's in the morning, in replacement for breakfast. Normally you replace two meals a day, they suggest breakfast and dinner and have an open lunch of your choice, but I felt just replacing my breakfast was going to be enough for me as I am not looking to lose weight
They also have savoury options such as soup, risotto and pasta but I'm just going to review the challenge I've done with the sweet flavours !

So Shape Smart Meals are low in calories and contain all the essential vitamins and minerals to tone up and slim down. Most other meal replacements don't come close to the nutritional value of the So Smart meals. They are quick and easy to use and are ideal for busy people who can't always take the time to eat healthy. They also offer a 14 or 28 day challenge which is aimed at people with bigger weight loss goals.

So what is it?

They are complete meals in one little packet that are high in protein, low in sugar, vegetarian and GMO-free. They are instant meals which are just created by adding water and the sachet to your shaker bottle and can be had on the go! The bottles can also be used as fruit infusers with your water!
There are 22 flavours to choose from and this was my favourite one...

My Challenge

I have 10 flavours in total so I am going to do my 5 day Reboot challenge over a two week period. I am one week in and have been having the shakes for breakfast only Monday-Friday (which is when I normally try to eat good and then relax a little bit more on the weekend). I tend to have my breakfast around 9am and my lunch around 1pm, so I just had the shakes before work and don't feel the need to bring my lunch forward as they kept me going and I just had a banana as a snack.
I personally have lost 3 lb in the first week (baring in mind I am already small and don't need to lose a lot of weight) I wanted to try this for the benefit's and to feel good before my next holiday, which I do!!

Other benefits:

Boost your energy: They include vitamins C, B2, B3, B5, B9, B12 Iron and Magnesium to reduce fatigue.

Detox your body: The vitamins C, E, B2, Selenium, Zinc, Copper and Manganese protect the cells from oxidative stress. Natural green extract tea prevents the premature ageing of our tissues.

Regulate your metabolism: Chromium helps maintain normal blood glucose levels which help normalise the metabolism of macronutrients.

Get a flat stomach: In large quantities, the vegetable fibre extracted from acacia bring real interior comfort. Meaning the flat stomach you have in the morning will stay all day long.

Try it yourself!

If you are interested in trying the challenge yourself or interested in finding out more information head to

To save £9.50 and double your flavours on the 14 & 28 day challenges use code GABRIELLECUSTOM at checkout!

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