My ULTRAcel skin treatment for acne scar removal

ULTRAcel Fractional Radio frequency Micro needling (FRM)

I'm back again with another amazing treatment performed by Dr.Yusra who did my non surgical rhinoplasty for me (see previous post) but this time it's a treatment to improve the appearance of my skin! When I was younger I suffered with acne on my cheeks and forehead area which has left me with some deepish scarring. It isn't overly noticeable unless I point it out, but I do wear a thick foundation to cover them and would love to comfortably wear no makeup when I have a tan in the summer so I was more than happy to try it out.

About the Treatment

FRM is a treatment used for stimulating skin without the down time of total resurfacing using traditional invasive treatments. The treatment works by a combination of fractional radio frequency and dermal needling, heating the tissue at a variable of depths ranging from 0.5 to 2.0, depending on the deepness of scarring. Heating the tissue including the epidermis and deep dermis causes stimulation of the tissue to produce the important deep elements of healthy skin collagen.

Uniquely highly effective doses of radio frequency can be used as the tiny insulated needles heat only the dermis leaving the superficial skin smooth and undamaged, with short acting redness. 49 tiny insulated needles are used to penetrate deep down into the skin and heat the tissues for micro-seconds. The surrounding tissue is unaffected so the healing time is much faster than if the entire area is treated at once. The natural healing process of the body produces new, healthy and tighter skin structures in the treated area and the surrounding skin leaving the skin appearing smoother, clearer and tighter. It can also be used to improve the quality and texture of wrinkled skin and acne scarring may be treated - which is what I had it for.

It is a powerful device and must be carried out by a trained and experienced practitioner. A course of three treatments are recommended to get desired results, especially if it's for acne scarring. Each treatment session targets 15 to 20% of the skins surface, outlining the need for successive treatments. These can be space 4-6 weeks apart and new skin collagen is produced over a couple of months.

My Treatment

A topical anaesthetic was applied an hour before my treatment and my areas of focus were highlighted. As my scars are years old I was going to need a very deep session on my cheeks. The whole of my face was micro needled in rows at a depth of 0.8 which feels like a mild prickling sensation as the treatment head passed over the area. The levels of treatment were adjusted to suit my comfort but for the deep scarring needed the full 2.0 and I'm not going to lie... it really hurt. It was only a few seconds a go so it was bearable but uncomfortable, but then I do believe beauty is pain. Afterwards I had a gold cooling face mask applied for a minute to cool down the skin and then I was ready to go home!

My skin was a pinkish tone once the treatment was completed and just looked like I had mild sunburn. I didn't wear make up for the next day and then the following day I went back to wearing make up. I could feel my skin texture was slightly rough where I could feel my skin was repairing itself and it stayed like this for around a week. 
A few weeks later my skin feels insanely soft and just all round healthy! My scarring has slightly improved but I think I would need another session or two to completely fix the scarring with it being years old, however the treatment continues to improve the skin for up to six months.
All before and after pictures are below!

My skin before the treatment (I'd just had one large spot recently on my right cheek)
The Gold cooling face mask applied directly after treatment. (Hair has numbing cream in it)

My skin directly after treatment

My skin two days later 
My skin NOW a few weeks later - completely unedited

All of the pictures are completely un-edited.
 The treatments are priced at £695 per session and are normally purchased as a course of three for the best result! To book in or enquire with Dr.Yusra she is based in Crosby and London (prices may be slightly higher in London) her contact information is below.



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