Luxuria Lifestyle Blogger Event

As you may have seen I am an ambassador for the online magazine Luxuria Lifestyle.
They held their very first blogger event #Lluxblogfest on Sunday 25th February at 3 St James Square in London. This was my first time meeting with the CEO's and other ambassador's for the first time as we all live in different location's and countries! There was 100+ bloggers attending and 20 showcases.

I rarely ever go to London as I'm always so busy in Manchester so it was a nice change to get the train down to London for the day! We arrived at the event (fashionably late) and was greeted by the lovely Zweena who was doing the majority of hosting for the event. Upon arrival every guest filled out a referral card for a friend that may be interested in coming to the next event, the cards were then entered into a prize draw with £2000 worth of prizes for later on in the day.

As you walked in there was some beautiful light up letters representing #LL and two flowers walls. One white wall which was upstairs and one pink wall which was downstairs. These were from @essexeventhire who are a rental service who provide beautiful surrounding areas with light up letters and flower walls! These were definitely one of the most popular companies from the events as we all love something instagrammable!

Outfit details are at the bottom!

We walked through the busy reception area straight to the bar after our mini journey where there was plenty of Sushi to snack on. Behind us there was the brand Crystal Skull Vodka with a table full of skull head vodka shots where you got to take the glass home! - cute. Crystal head vodka contains no additives, added sugar or citrus oils, which are common in many types of vodka. There is a real emphasis on the purity of the Vodka and of course the fabulous bottle!

David Fowkes Jewellery had some beautiful jewellery showcased at the event. Their jewellery is luxury and bespoke using speciality-cut gemstones which are hand made in Nottinghamshire.

One of the main rooms was where Rey Rey shoes was showcasing their luxury shoe collection which are Scandinavian designed with italian craftsmanship. My Mum was lucky enough to win a pair of shoes from the prize draw! There was £2000 worth of luxury prizes given out which included spa days, luxury gin and champagne and lots more. This one was the star prize.

After spending some time upstairs we thought we would go and meet with the rest of the brands which were set up with stands downstairs!

It was so lovely to meet my fellow ambassador Chloe Tyler who had modelled some beautiful dresses and walked in the fashion show at the event for Serenity and Grace! There was also a try on for the dresses after the show. This is the other beautiful pink flower wall from essex event hire.

Here are some of the brands that were showcasing at the event!

Papillion Beachwear had some beautiful personalised beach bags! Their website is in the process of being created so keep your eye open for them.

@kandicosmetics are who I had the pleasure of modelling for a few weeks ago! Their eyeshadow palette's are cruelty free, highly pigmented and are also able to buy from Pretty Little Thing!
With them being priced between £15-£20 they are definitely worth adding to your makeup collection. I use the 'Koffee palette' Get 20% off with code PAYDAY

The Dermatography clinic were doing a semi permanent make up live showcase.
Based in Spitalfields they are a private specialist clinic offering cosmetic and medical tattooing.

One of my favourite stands as I LOVE eyelashes. @blinkingbeaute are a premier collection of luxe silk lashes which can be used up to 30 times with proper care. They have a 3D design from constructing multiple layers of fibers by hand. They are superior quality and are also available on Sephora.

@Brysocrema is a collection of superior makeup that has been formulated to compliment the complexions of women of colour. The range has been specifically developed to capture the cool/medium to dark tones and offers a more radiant flawless finish.

@no1rosemarywater is Rosemary water that has the benefits of:
Boosting memory, Improving moods, Reducing inflammation, Relieving pain, Stimulating circulation, Protecting the immune system and tasting great!

The brand @smartbatz flew from Paris to share their sleek iphone battery chargers which are proving very popular with restaurants where they are offering these chargers to diners at the table rather than handing their phone over to a waiter and being left behind the bar. The charge is twice as powerful as a classic charger. is a new underwear brand based in London who are soon also launching swim wear! 

Fox Fur coat - House of Skylar
Satin Blouse - Missguided
Leather Trousers - Zara
Boots - Public Desire
Bag - YSL

I had so many compliments on my fur coat! It is definitely my favourite piece in my wardrobe.

I hope this gave you a great insight into the event! I am looking forward to attending more in the near future. if you have any questions about the event or how to become an ambassador for Luxuria Lifestyle feel free to contact me!

The Goodie bag

The Goodie bag was so wonderfully kind, thank you to all of the brands who contributed!
I have pulled out the main bits from the bag to show you.
@white.glo diamond series advanced teeth whitening system
@goldcollagen liquid collagen supplement for younger looking ski, hair and nails
@blinkingbeaute luxe silk lashes which are stocked in Sephora!
Rich & Famous Hair oil and Instant ie effects Lip plumping gloss
@Greenandblacks praline chocolates
Maria NilaVolume spray
It Really WorksVitamins for healthy hair
Activated charcoal pro teeth whitening
@pinkparcel this was actually my favourite from the giftbag! 
(if your a guy you may not want to read) 
This is a monthly subscription service that delivers period essentials, plus beauty and skin care musthaves! There is four sections to the box:
'For You' "a little something to cheer you up" - which has chocolate, a face mask, highlighter, chocolate wax and other cute little gifts.
'For night' "Use these at bed time" - which is bigger pads
'For Later' "Keep these close by" - which is a large box FULL of tampons!
and finally 'Keep these in your bag' which is a little draw string bag with more pads and tampons in for when you are on the go!

Gabrielle X


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