My Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

My Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

For those who know me personally will know I have always been very self conscious about the bump in my nose. I have wanted a 'nose job' for as long as I can remember and would never feel comfortable having a photo taken from the side. Becoming a blogger and having photos taken weekly heightened my feelings and at New Year I thought these feelings aren't going anywhere, i'm 25 nearly 26 and have been unhappy with my nose for at least 10 years so I decided I was going to do something about it. But when real nose jobs cost around £6000 and are such a major change to your face, I've always thought about it but never actioned it.

Over the past couple of years I've noticed 'liquid nose jobs' appear on Instagram and thought that may be the better option for me, as it creates the illusion of a smaller nose with the use of filler. Whereas with a surgical nose job it is a lot more invasive if they have to break your bone to reduce the size and is obviously a lot more expensive with way more healing time. 

About two years ago after researching into the non surgical rhinoplasty I booked and paid a deposit for the procedure with a clinic but then backed out because the people I showed said "What if it makes your nose look bigger?" which then made me paranoid and cancel the appointment. Looking back now I wish I hadn't let people cloud my judgement as I only kept thinking about it for the following two years. If you find you are really unhappy with something I think you need to be selfish, go for it and not think too much into other people's opinions because at the end of the day it's your own happiness that matters. The non surgical nose job is a treatment that is becoming more common, as more people who are considering having surgery sometime use this to see the potential result.

I do believe it is important to do your research into cosmetic procedures as they need to be done by a certified and well trained professional. Liquid rhinoplasties only take around 5-15 minutes to perform with minimal swelling and healing time, but still need to be carried out by someone who truly knows how to create beautiful noses safely. I discovered Dr.Yusra on Instagram and noticed straight away that her work was special and better than anyone that I had come across before. Her advanced technique delivers excellent natural looking results which made me adamant that I only wanted her to do it for me. The before and after pictures she had done definitely made her patients noses appear smaller and were by far the best I had seen. I decided to take the plunge and emailed her with pictures of my nose, concerns and booked me in for the following month. I excitedly sent all my closest friends her profile and asked shall I do it?! They were just as stunned as me by her work and said I should go for it, so I made the appointment.

The Appointment

I was there for around an hour, Dr.Yusra instantly made me feel welcome and sat down with me, thoroughly talking me through the procedure. She uses two regulated and approved fillers to do the procedure and decided that Juvaderm filler was the best option for me. She honestly informed me that the procedure is meant to last for 12 months but if you have a fast metabolism it can be slightly less and a top up is usually required 4 weeks afterwards. She notified me of all the possible but highly unlikely side effects and how she would deal with them if any were to happen, which put me at ease. Whilst waiting I sipped on an iced Skin Aid collagen drink which is hugely beneficial for your skin and has the equivalent of 25 multivitamins in one drink. I had three layers of numbing cream applied over time whilst we talked and I wasn't even nervous in the slightest at the thought of the actual procedure. Having had tattoos before I'm familiar enough with needles and have quite a high pain threshold. But please know even if you aren't familiar with needles or anything this procedure is literally pain free (If you are numbed of course).

We photographed the before pictures and videos then I lay down. We discussed what it was I wanted to change and I expressed it was just to mainly fill in the top of my nose to disguise the bump, and to lift the tip to make it look super natural. Dr.Yusra was amazing throughout the whole process and checked I was okay each time the needle went in, which I assured her I couldn't feel a thing. The procedure only took around 5-10 minutes to complete, which we then photographed the after pictures and video to document the process. When I looked in the mirror it didn't quite sink in until I got in the car afterwards and cried with happiness, it was something I'd wanted to change for at least the last 10 years and for it to be done in 10 minutes was so overwhelmingly amazing.

This procedure is perfect for people who only want the slightest change and I wanted to share my experience as I know a lot of people don't even know this option exists! So if anyone feels the same you will hopefully now know it's not a scary process and is so worth doing if it affects your confidence like it has mine. Below are the before and after pictures and videos. If you aren't squeamish with needles - watch my face as the needle goes in, I literally don't wince as I can't feel a thing!!
Before and After!

After the procedure I could immediately see that my bump had gone and my nose was straight. My nose swelled up slightly on the front but I suffered no bruising. I was advised it could take around 4 weeks until the swelling is completely gone but that the results are immediate and any initial swelling should go down within a couple of days. In the picture below this was my nose just two days later!!

Two days after

I am so happy with my new (but only slightly tweaked) nose!! And felt so comfortable throughout the whole process. If you are considering having it done you obviously want to know the price!
The price with Dr.Yusra is between £395 and £475 and she is extremely experienced in creating beautiful noses. There is no healing time required (so no time off work). The only things to note is no touching your nose for the day, no alcohol before and 24 hours after, no wearing of glasses for 3 days and no makeup to be worn for 12 hours after.

My settled nose 

Dr.Yusra is an advanced facial aesthetics doctor based in Crosby, Liverpool and is also in London twice a month. She also does many other procedures such as lip fillers, dermal fillers, acne scarring removal and much more. Please check out her amazing work on instagram and if you have any enquiries or wish to book in with her, below are her details:



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  6. I do believe it is important to do your research into cosmetic procedures as they need to be done by a certified and well trained professional. Liquid rhinoplasties only take around 5-15 minutes to perform with minimal swelling and healing time, but still need to be carried out by someone who truly knows how to create beautiful noses safely. I discovered Dr. Valaie, MD on a social site you can also check this social site and follow us

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