Technic cosmetics contour & mattes palette review

Unfortunately we aren't all blessed with model-esque cheek bones so we have to rely on other means to shape and sculpt our face. Having worked with technic cosmetics before and sampled some of their products, I asked to sample their colour fix cream contour palette and mega mattes eyeshadows. 
Being fairly fussy, I only like to wear matte eyeshadows. My day to day eye makeup is always a mixture of orangey browns with just some mascara and for an evening look I will add eye liner and lashes with a darker set of brown eyeshadow.  

I was more excited to try out the contour kit, as even though I love make up and have spent many hours watching makeup tutorials thinking 'I'm sure I could do that' because they make it look so easy!! But I have never actually tried and tested a contour palette before. I have used 'contour crayons' and highlight underneath my eyes with concealer but I was excited to see how it would turn out on me and if it would 'enhance' my features!

On the back of the palette it has a clear and easy-to-follow instruction guide on the back of the palette which highlights where to apply the product to get the best result.
The contour creme is pigmented to deliver an intense hit of sculpting, but can be easily blended to reach your desired level of shading. You can have fun trialling different combinations to discover what look suits you best! I used the lightest shade and the darkest shade. Sorry for the pretty crap pic... I had wet hair as I like to do my makeup first! So here is how it turned out. 

So this is how it all turned out! Just an easy everyday look for the eyes and really flawless coverage for the face. This can be used for an everyday look or heavier for an evening look. There is no need to splash out as this palette retails at £3.49 but you can buy it at amazon for £2.99! Click this link to buy

To buy the mega mattes eyeshadow for £2.48 click here

I hope you have enjoyed this make up review!

Gabrielle X


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