My First Post!

Hey! I have a brief section in the 'About Me' but I just wanted to tell you a bit more about why I've started this blog. I have always had a general fashion blog on tumblr and also an outfit posts blog that used to get a lot of positive feedback and questions about my beauty routine and clothes etc.

If I was to use a blogger as an example who has built a whole empire on blogging it would be Chiara Ferragni. I followed her blog before she was famous and literally watched her build what she has today, it's unbelievable and shows how much of an impact social media can have on your life. I know the majority of people just use Instagram to view posts these days over blogs but I still think its a good foundation to have. 

 So after a few years of using my tumblr on and off, I stopped posting as I felt every body was doing something similar or better and I just didn't have the time. But recently I've felt like I wanted to start doing it again properly as my Instagram has started growing and given me the confidence to put myself out there more. I love viewing bloggers and girls fashion/influence posts and think it is definitely worth sharing.

These blog posts are going to be basically what I get up too and similar to what's on my Instagram but with a few more photos and details into the outfits and where to buy them. I've started using a professional camera for some of the outfit posts too which should make it look better on the whole!

I really hope you guys enjoy.

Gabrielle X 


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