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My Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

My Non-Surgical RhinoplastyJuly 2019
Hey guys, Its been a year and a half since my initial liquid rhinoplasty treatment with Dr.Yusra. I had my top up last week so just thought I'd give you all an update. I think I could have easily waited another few months before having the top up but being a perfectionist I wanted the very straight nose look back now.
The top up only took 5 minutes (with 20 minutes numbing cream) making the procedure again completely painless and no swelling! This time round I should get even longer lasting results. I'm feeling so happy with my side profile and if you are considering the treatment keep reading!

Before and after below X

Original post below is from March 2018
For those who know me personally will know I have always been very self conscious about the bump in my nose. I have wanted a 'nose job' for as long as I can remember and would never feel comfortable having a photo taken from the side. Becoming a blogger and hav…

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