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Glyns Collection furrier's Manchester

Glyns Collections Furrier
Buying a fur coat or jacket can be the largest single personal purchase that a person makes. As fur coat's are expensive but can last for a lifetime and be passed on, therefore it is really important you get it right. The benefit of investing in quality high end fur is that it look's great and it lasts you a long time. Also the warmth can't be matched by any other source.
I have recently been working with Glyns on some collaborative work and modelling with them as I do love fur and was interested to learn more about it and what they do.
Glyns collection begun in 1921 in Manchester, founded by Mark Gylnn he started in the trade as a young boy and opened his first retail shop on Deansgate. He started from a small business and became a chain of 14 shops all over the UK. Over the years the company's reputation grew, as the excellent quality of their merchandise and service became apparent. In the 80's Glynn and Leinhardt (now Glyns collection…

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