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Hydra facial with Dr.Yusra

The day after my facial - wearing makeup So it's my third treatment with Dr.Yusra, I have had a liquid rhinoplasty, micro needling treatment for acne scarring and this week tried out the Hydra facial! I have uploaded a time lapse of the facial being done to show the different methods and tools that are used and the after glow video. I had 0 makeup on apart from mascara and the results speak for themselves. It is a six step treatment facial and takes one hour and is a medical grade treatment, not just your standard facial. Step 1 - Cupping - This helps by detoxifying the face with cupping on the face and the neck to help clear and eliminate any toxins from the face and helps to improve circulation so you get a much better glow to the skin. Step 2 - Deep Cleansing - This step is microdermabrasion using water to get rid of any dead skin cells on the surface of the skin without causing damage that usual microdermabrasion can do. It uses a vortex technology to suck everyt

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